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All about the girl behind the camera.

My name is Jean and I am a Ames/Des Moines area photographer. I am married to a wonderful man named Tel who is a UPS Driver and looks fantastic in the short brown shorts they make them wear. It is because of his encouragement and endless support that I was able to get the courage to start my own photography business and pursue my dream. We have the coolest dog in the world Oscar, who I secretly think is really a boy in a dog costume. Most nights you can find us snuggling with our two kiddos, watching Netflix, and eating chips and salsa. 

Now for myself: I love beautiful Anthropologie dresses however I also love baggy sweatpants and messy buns. I am basically either a very confused tom boy or a very confused girly girl, but who's to say I can't be both! My love of all things pretty and all things messy also reflects in my daily life and my photography. I love those clean white images with sharp details and I also love the moody black and white. I love to shoot portraits because I get to encounter all different kinds of people and use a different flavor to match every unique person. I want to get together and make some serious camera magic that will make a person realize how beautiful and wonderfully made they truly are. 

Random things I love 

  • Every shade of green

  • Overalls and backwards ball caps

  • Taylor Swift

  • Off roading

  • Harry Potter and Pride and Prejudice

  • Milk duds and sour patch kids and lots and lots of ice cream:)

  • Anything and everything from Anthropologie